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Encouraging Early Results for Prostate Cancer Screening

Early Encouraging Results Investigational Use 99mTc-iPSMA

Dosing of First Patients Shows Encouraging Early Results in the Investigational Use of 99mTc-iPSMA for Prostate Cancer Screening

Article by Doctor Omar Yehia, PI at the Misr Radiology Center Cairo, Egypt

As part of the NOBLE (NOBody LEft behind) Registry that aims to generate data repository – which may inform further development of PSMA-SPECT products for adequate diagnostic imaging of prostate cancer, the first experience from one of the centers involved is promising.

Doctor Omar Yehia is the Principal Investigator enrolled in the NOBLE Registry at the MISR Radiology Center in Cairo, Egypt. Early experience indicates that 99mTc-iPSMA SPECT can potentially identify lesions and important disease characteristics using technology which is already available in emerging markets. Read full article from Radiotheranostics Today from Oncidium foundation.

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