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Promising results in Egypt

Tc-99m-iPSMA SPECT shows promising results in Egypt

Promising results following the initial experience using Tc-99m-iPSMA led by Dr. Yehia Omar within the Noble Registry.

Prostatic lesions, nodal and bony deposits in a single exam on a gamma camera machine were detected. Therefore, potentially opening up new options for diagnosis for men with prostate cancer in countries that have little or no access to PET/CT or PSMA-PET tracers.

Our initial experience using Technetium-PSMA seems promising! It shows potential for use in staging cancer prostate patients combined with CT (instead of regular bone scan + CT).
We are able to detect the prostatic lesion, nodal and bony deposits in a single exam on a gamma camera machine. This new exam may have a big role in areas that don’t have a PET/CT machine or difficult access to PSMA-PET tracers.” Dr. Yehia Omar.

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